What editors have to say:

Lisa Fields started as a research-checker with us but for the past several years has been writing stories on assignment. She’s one of our most dependable writers, producing work that meets and often exceeds expectations. She comes up with her own good story ideas and also takes on assignments. She’s terrific at sourcing experts and anecdotes, writes well, is accurate and meets deadlines. I highly recommend her.
— Janie Couch, Reader’s Digest International Editions
I’ve worked with Lisa for a number of years and found her to be a thoughtful, polished writer with great interviewing skills. Whether it’s a physician profile for a community hospital or a more in-depth research piece, Lisa has always taken writing direction very well, delivered copy on deadline and kept me apprised of any potential roadblocks along the way.
— Melissa Caravella, BlueSpire Marketing
Lisa has been a valued contributor to American Profile and always went the second mile to deliver stories in our magazine’s unique Americana format and voice. With every assignment, she was both on target and on time, and she represented our publication with the highest degree of professionalism. I am pleased to recommend her.
— Marta Aldrich, American Profile (former editor)